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Articles 2023

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Closing the Digital Divide Through Open Ecosystems

The demand on network infrastructure rises exponentially as people increasingly spend their personal and professional lives online. Scalable infrastructure that can handle high-capacity packet processing is a necessity to participate in global society, especially for those living in rural areas at the edge of the network. Unfortunately, there is a prevalent digital divide in rural communities that do not have access to high-speed connectivity and emerging services. An article written by Kaloom's head of sales, USA markets, Gus Vasilakis.

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Private 5G and Edge Computing for Industrial IoT

Enterprises are wrestling with transforming, from hosting all their workloads within their data centers to a hybrid, multi-cloud world where they use a combination of dedicated instances and leveraged As-a-Service functions. 5G and edge computing should be an aspect of that transformation, not another layer of complexity on top, and most certainly not a step back to managing a large of amount of disparate compute, storage and network resources in a bespoke manner. Click below to read the full article written by our SVP of Customer eXperience, Neeloy Bhattacharyya.

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Kaloom 2023 Predictions: The Edge is Here; Edge to Multi-Cloud is Next

What does the future of data networking look like in 2022? If the past two years are any indicators, we are entering a challenging year where supply chain issues, the impact of unforeseen variants, and a recovering global economy will set the stage. Click below to read the full article written by our CEO and founder, Laurent Marchand.

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