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Kaloom Collaborates with Red Hat to Deliver a Virtual Central Office Solution for Multivendor NFV Deployments

Kaloom announces a multivendor Virtual Central Office solution for virtualized data centers, mobile networks and cloud edge



The OpenStack® Summit, Berlin – November, 13, 2018Kaloom, an emerging leader in the fully automated data center networking software market, today announced collaboration with Red Hat, Inc., the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, around the launch of the Red Hat virtual central office solution, a Virtual Central Office (VCO) solution for multivendor NFV deployments at the edge. The solution is designed to speed and simplify the deployment of value-added residential, enterprise and mobile services by telcos and enterprises.

Kaloom provides a fully automated VCO networking solution together with Red Hat’s NFV infrastructure. The solution leverages Kaloom’s programmable fabric to help increase the performance and lower the latency for NFV applications. Utilizing some of the newest capabilities in open source software-defined networking (SDN), the Red Hat virtual central office solution is designed to extend functionality to support virtualized next-generation mobile services and helps to define a multivendor central office designed for both 4G and 5G.

The Kaloom solution enhances CPU utilization for virtual network function (VNF) applications by offloading sophisticated service chaining functionality and embedding it into the data plane to accelerate overall performance and lower latency. It also provides customers with a way to program their infrastructure using the open standards-based P4 programming language to quickly add new services and capabilities. Advanced in-band telemetry is supported to better manage and support the VNF infrastructure at scale.

Through extended collaboration, Red Hat and Kaloom have helped to strengthen the automation of NFV infrastructure to fuel disruption around how cloud and data center networks are built, managed and maintained for operators, wireless providers, enterprises, cloud providers, and gaming companies. The days of CLI-based configuration are finally over as Kaloom brings true automation to the data center. Kaloom’s Software Defined Fabric (SDF) platform includes self-discovery and self-provisioning mechanisms, as well as self-learning, self-forming capabilities creating an environment of autonomous networking nodes. Kaloom combines operational simplification and high performance to enhance network management and dramatically expand scalability.

Kaloom’s solution offers integrated service chaining offload, virtual cloud router and virtual switch capabilities, while allowing customers to program new features in-house, eliminating the need for expensive physical appliances while meeting new emerging requirements by leveraging low-cost networking white boxes.

Leveraging white boxes and open source-based solutions can deliver greater agility, innovation and an improved customer experience to end users while enabling data center operators to reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

“We see a strong need among current beta and other potential customers to have an open multivendor NFV solution. Our advanced service chaining capabilities significantly increase performance and lower latency delivering better overall network performance and lower costs for data center operators,” said Laurent Marchand, CEO and founder of Kaloom. “Red Hat is a great partner for us to bring this solution to market.”

Kaloom’s collaboration with Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source software solutions, delivers VCO solutions for the enterprise and telco markets. The collaboration optimizes Kaloom’s SDF with Red Hat offerings, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat OpenShift, and helps to extend both companies’ technological leadership across the data center and IT landscape.

“As more mobile network operators look to embrace the role of a modern open telecommunications service provider, moving services from the core network closer to customers by virtualizing edge networks becomes an important consideration,” said Darrell Jordan-Smith, Vice President, Global Information and Communications Technology at Red Hat. “Red Hat virtual central office solution is designed to provide both a path for service providers to follow and an open pluggable framework upon which to build their next generation services by leveraging our partner ecosystem's strengths and technologies.”

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Kaloom is an emerging company developing a fully automated, programmable data center networking software solution that will disrupt how cloud and data center networks are built, managed and operated for enterprises, cloud providers, gaming companies, data center operators and 5G wireless providers. Kaloom comprises technology veterans with proven track records of delivering large-scale networking, analytics and AI-based solutions for the world’s largest networks. The company is backed by leading investors including Fonds de solidarité FTQ and Somel Investments. Kaloom is based in the heart of the Quartier de l'innovation in Montreal, Quebec and in the Silicon Valley. For additional information visit


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