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Kaloom’s flowEye™ In-band Network Telemetry (INT) and Analytics solution is a key product offering that complements the Software Defined Fabric™ and Cloud Edge Fabric™ products. The solution comprises a real-time In-band Network Telemetry component which serves the role of data collection via hardware or software based INT sensors, and an analytics component (Kaloom’s or a customer owned third party solution) which aggregates the collected data, performs data analysis, and displays it via different views in the dashboard. The solution leverages the capabilities of the P4 programmable ASIC based switches to obtain granular, real-time insight of the network state regarding key metrics pertaining to packets based on actual traffic and their flow as they traverse the network.

Figure 1 below provides a pictorial overview of the in-band telemetry data as it gets collected, aggregated, analyzed
and visualized.

Data Flow


For more details and information on our In-Band Network Telemetry and Analytics product, please click the button below to download our flowEye™ Product Brief.

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