Kaloom™ vGateway

Redefining the Data Center


Kaloom’s Virtual Gateway (vGW) is a key offering among the integrated and virtual network functions provided by the Software Defined Fabric™. It uses Kaloom’s virtual router (vRouter) to currently offer Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network (VxLAN) gateway functionality by extending bridging a Layer-2 (L2) domain to remote L2 domains via a logically created overlay network that runs on top of an IP Layer-3 (L3) underlay network. Kaloom’s VxLAN implementation is highly scalable and enables the creation of millions of virtual L2 sub-networks/segments identified by VxLAN Network Identifiers (VNIs) that span physical L3 networks.

As an overlay technology, generic VxLAN implementations allow L2 connections to be extended over an intervening L3 network by encapsulating (tunneling) Ethernet frames in a VxLAN packet format that includes IP addresses. Kaloom’s implementation uses the proprietary and inherently highly scalable Kaloom Normalized Format (KNF) for L3 encapsulation to transport packets in the Software Defined Fabric. It enables full L2 network isolation and acts as a gateway for those networks enabling them to be extended outside of a vfabric (i.e., connecting to another external fabric that uses VxLAN as its overlay mechanism). As well, the VxLAN functionality is interoperable with Kaloom’s virtual switch (KVS) which connects to a vfabric and which can then attach containers or VMs residing on servers to networks within the vfabric.

VxLAN Topology

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Key Benefits provided by the Kaloom™ vGateway

  • Enables multi-tenancy
  • Expands VLAN namespace of the Software Defined Fabric to support more VLANs
  • Enables connectivity of L2 domains over a L3 network
  • Standards Based