Kaloom™ Standalone 5G UPF

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A key offering ideally suited for new emerging 5G Cloud Edge, Hybrid 4G/5G and 5G Packet Core deployments. Designed with the most mission critical workloads in mind for 5G, it offers the most scalable, lowest latency, and highest performance UPF solution in the industry.

The standalone UPF node is comprised of three primary components, namely; an X86 based server (1U) hosting the control plane software, as well as, the UPF application (1U) and L2 & L3 applications (1U) installed on separate white box switches. This combination provides a 3U configuration and single node management having the listed specifications.

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Key Benefits Provided by Kaloom's Standalone 5G UPF

  • Industry first cloud native UPF
  • High performance, low cost solution
  • Fully standards based, multivendor solution
  • Fully automated for data center deployments

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