Kaloom™ vRouter

Kaloom’s virtual router (vRouter) is an embedded high performance vRouter within the Software Defined Fabric™ data center networking solution. As a key component of the Kaloom software defined product family, the vRouter uses standard routing protocols, fully supports IPv6 and is optimized for Data Center fabrics. It eliminates the need for Data Center Operators to purchase and deploy physical routers or pay for expensive software based virtual routers and run them on compute servers. Kaloom’s vRouter product offering enables telecom and cloud service providers, large enterprises and financial institutions the ability to create multiple virtual router instances within a vFabric and subsequently attach each vRouter instance to multiple Layer-2 (L2) networks, thereby enabling data traffic to be routed from different internal networks and external networks.

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vRouter Topology


Key Benefits Provided by the Kaloom™ vRouter

  • CAPEX Reduction
  • Maximizes Performance
  • Positioned for Service Function Chaining
  • Standards Based

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