This webinar focuses on the collaboration between Kaloom and Red Hat in providing a unified solution for distributed edge computing and how the solution allows network, compute, and storage nodes to share the same underlying container-based execution environment.

The speakers will describe how the solution reduces overhead in the edge infrastructure footprint while making more resources available for revenue-generating workloads enabling service providers to maximize monetizable resources at the edge while reducing TCO.

This webinar will explain:

How the integration of Kaloom’s Cloud Edge Fabric with Red Hat® OpenShift® enables the platform to help simplify complex, next-generation networks and accelerate time to market of new services while reducing the costs of edge infrastructure.

How Kaloom 5G User Plane Function (UPF) and Red Hat OpenShift integrate to form a unified solution that provides the fundamental shift needed for building 5G networks to support edge-native apps while delivering high performance at low latency.

How the new jointly developed solution from Red Hat and Kaloom will help address service providers’ issues being experienced with their legacy and current cloud architectures as they relate to latency and throughput.

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