Unified Edge™

A Transformative Economic Model for the Distributed 5G Edge

Introducing Unified Edge™

We believe that data processing in the 5G world calls for an entirely new network architecture that disaggregates software from the hardware of telecom equipment, is cloud-native, fully programmable, self-forming, and automated.

Our mission since our inception has been to reduce costs per connected device, per gigabit of traffic, and labor costs to run and manage distributed edge networks by reducing complexity. It wrings out inefficiencies by leveraging industry standard P4 programming language, operations on commodity hardware, and granular telemetry, to achieve its goals of high performance at the lowest possible cost.

Our Solution

Key Features & Benefits

Full Automation
& Scalability

Full Automation & Scalability

  • Advanced Self-forming & Self-discovery functions
  • Zero Touch Provisioning of the virtual networking/components
  • Lowers provisioning times from several days to minutes
  • Scalable for distributed edge, central office, virtual central office, CORD, and branch office applications



Fully Programmable

  • Enables the addition of new services and features without impacting traffic
  • Avoids vendor lock-in & eliminates the need to wait for silicon upgrades
  • Allows for customer programmability
  • Utilizes industry standard P4 programming language

Fabric Slicing


Fabric Slicing Capabilities

  • Provides full support for network virtualization with native 5G network slicing for edge data centers running 4G & 5G applications
  • Enables allocation of physical resources into multiple isolated networking slices called vFabrics to different virtual DC operators
  • Enables DC operators to faster provision new customers in software

Networking Whitebox


Networking Whitebox Support

  • Significantly lowers CAPEX
  • Support for networking white boxes from Accton and Delta
  • Runs on commodity hardware using merchant silicon

Optimized for Cloud Native Applications


Optimized for Cloud Native Applications

Full support for both Virtual Machines and Cloud Native Applications based on Kubernetes and OpenShift


Cost Effective and Secure Solution


Cost Effective and Secure Solution

Efficiently utilizes space and power for significant CAPEX & OPEX reductions.

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Delivering a fully programmable and automated cloud-native edge networking software solution that is disrupting how distributed cloud edge and data center networks are built, managed and operated.



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