Use Cases


Industry 4.0 / Hardhat Detection

Demonstrated with IBM, Part of LFN 5G Super Blueprint

Problem Statement

  • Low Latency at the Edge
  • Safety on manufacturing floors



  • Network Slicing
  • URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication)
    • Video traffic from the UE pass through the complete 5G e2e network
    • Depending on the Hard hat compliance the Edge server triggers a very low latency in few microseconds on the video
  • eMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broad Band)
    • Video streaming through the phone connected to the ORAN in parallel providing continuous streams without any lag.
    • With 5G capability utilize the bandwidth effectively to run multiple slices in parallel
  • Edge
    • IBM provides the Training server and Edge server using a MVI Software (Maximo Visual Inspection)
    • Edge server deployed will check for the video footage and see if it matches or any anomaly. Will trigger an alarm if there is any anomaly.
    • Yellow Hard Hat is approved, and rest of the colors or no hard hat will trigger instantly at the edge for compliance.


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