Use Cases


Very Large Enterprise / University

Enterprise 5G Ready Multi-Tenant Campus

Tenants are isolated from each other with the OpenShift namespace (projects). This provides isolation between tenants:

  • Access Roles are per tenant and per user per project.
  • Using network namespace to isolate traffic between tenants.
  • Limit the resources per tenant.
  • Increased availability and security with the knowledge that the network can later evolve and support Private 5G

Problem Statement

  • Some enterprise customers have become small “service providers” – servicing different entities (student, teachers, hospital, police, firefighters, …)
    • Securing these different entities is critical
  • Emergence of “Private 5G”



  • Leveraging the transition to 400G as a technology shift to bring a new Data Center Fabric – and use 5G as a “wedge” against the legacy vendors (Cisco, Juniper, Arista)


Kaloom Networks’ Solution

  • Virtual Fabric (Network Slicing) provide complete isolation
  • 5G Ready – customer can enable 5G at their pace knowing that the infrastructure is ready


Why Kaloom Networks?

  • Physical separation associated with control and management plane isolation provided by a fully containerized solution



Delivering a fully programmable and automated cloud-native edge networking software solution that is disrupting how distributed cloud edge and data center networks are built, managed and operated.


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