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Service Provider

Next Gen "NFVi"

SRv6 / Service Function Chaining – Kaloom’s Policy Engine

 Not Offloaded Traffic (i.e., unclassified)

(1) and (2) N3 : GTP encapsulated packet from RAN to UPF Data Plane
(3) and (4) SRv6 packet the PE. UPF Egress action encoded in last 64 bits
(5a) and (6) SRv6 packet to UPF Data Plane. Egress action used to skip pipeline processing
(5b) A message to UPF-CP with 5-tuple and policy to apply for that flow which is provisioned in the UPF-DP for fast-path processing on subsequent packets
(7) and (8) UPF Performs the UPF action to decapsulate GTP and forward the packet on the Data network

Offloaded Traffic (i.e., after classification)
For offloaded flows, the path would follow: (1), (2), (7) and (8)

Problem Statement

  • Most 4G/5G implementations include a Policy Engine (DPI) component for 1: billing 2: security
  • These “Policy Engine” are typically inserted after the UPF (N6) and are incredibly expensive to scale (CAPEX/OPEX)



  • Hosting/colocation providers looking to create new sources of revenue with highly differentiated services / higher margins
  • Faster ROI – shared infrastructure (Telco/MNOs/Enterprise)


Kaloom’s Solution

  • Fully virtualized as “containerized” solution
  • Slicing/multi-tenancy for complete separation/isolation of hosted customers (including MNOs – 4G/5G components) – increased security


Why Kaloom Networks?

  • Fully open/disaggregated solution – no proprietary technology including open source 5G Core (Free5GC, Magma, Open5G …)
  • Virtual Fabric (L2/L3/L4) with 4G/5G data plane (vUPF)



Delivering a fully programmable and automated cloud-native edge networking software solution that is disrupting how distributed cloud edge and data center networks are built, managed and operated.


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