VMblog 2022 Industry Experts Video Predictions Series - Episode 2

VMblog asked a number of different industry experts to share their thoughts about the new year. Watch as these experts talk about their predictions and share their thoughts around the future of technology within the IT industry.

In episode 2, we hear from these experts:

  • Members of the Konica Minolta team talk about Supporting Hybrid Workplaces, Embracing Data-Led Decision Making, and Staying Safe and Secure.
  • Tobi Knaup, Co-Founder and CEO at D2iQ explores Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Smart Cloud Native Applications with AI Support.
  • Laurent Marchand, Founder and CEO at Kaloom talks about Convergence, Cloud Computing Meets Edge Computing, and Distributed Cloud.
  • David Friend, CEO and Co-Founder at Wasabi looks at the Evolution of Multi-Cloud, Smart Cities, and Ransomware.
  • Alan Chang, VP, Technical Operations at Inspur explores Machine Learning and AI with Hyperconverged, Open Compute Project, Open Source Firmware, AI and 5G Merging.