Network slicing has been touted as a critical capability to unlocking the monetization of 5G. And yet, real-world examples of how to do this have been limited in both scope and capability. Part of the challenge has been the multi-domain and multi-vendor coordination required to achieve end-to-end network slices, as well as the deep expertise required across multiple technology silos.

See how hot startups Kaloom and Itential join forces with Equinix to demonstrate an end-to-end customer solution for multi-customer network slicing.

Come and learn about how:

  • The team achieved a per-tenant slice across a multivendor infrastructure including AWS cloud, Equinix ECX, Equinix Metal (bare metal servers) and a high-performance 5G UPF
  • The framework was automated for fast and error-free provisioning, enabling slice set-up in seconds and scalability across multiple customers
  • The solution was validated using simulated 5G traffic streams, demonstrating complete end-to-end functionality, including 5G local-breakout and hardware-accelerated 5G UPF for high-performance workloads

For carriers contemplating roll-out of their 5G network slicing offerings, system integrators looking to do the same for their enterprise and carrier customers, and enterprises looking to leverage 5G technology for their own unique uses, this cutting-edge demonstration will inform, explain and spark innovation and thought.