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KubeCon 2021 Q&A: Kaloom Showcases Its Cloud Edge Fabric and Fully Containerized Data Center and Edge Networking Software Solution


October 06, 2021

Read this exclusive KubeCon pre-show interview between VMblog and Suresh Krishnan, CTO at Kaloom. Kaloom is delivering a fully programmable and automated cloud-native edge center networking software solution that will disrupt how distributed cloud edge and data center networks are built, managed and operated by Telecom, Fixed and Mobile Operators, Data Center and Cloud Service Providers. Click below to read the full article.

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Communications Day - Kaloom aims to disrupt Aussie MNOs’ 5G edge options


May 11, 2021

Automated datacentre networking software company Kaloom has chosen Melbourne-based RedFig Networks as its exclusive Australasian partner to target service providers building out 5G edge and cloud-native infrastructure. Montreal-based Kaloom is behind a fully programmable and automated cloud-native edge centre networking software solution that it says will disrupt how networks are built, managed and operated. Click the button below to read the full article.

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8 Collaborative Cloud Edge Strategies

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March 22, 2021

As service providers and enterprises rethink what the edge means for their infrastructure, it is clear that it will take a village to deliver optimized 5G applications over optimized networks. Although network equipment providers offer end-to-end 5G solutions, there’s a strong trend toward disaggregating the network and relying on focused, best-of-breed solution providers to deliver architectural components. Let us take a look at what this means for network service providers. Click the link below to read the full article.

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What’s Next for Distributed Edge Computing?

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February 17, 2021

As the amount of data, number of devices, and new technologies continue to increase, more organizations are seeing the benefits of edge computing. According to a survey by Analysys Mason, edge computing is a top strategic priority for many operators — 30% are already in the process of deploying an edge cloud, and 57% are currently outlining their plans to do so in the next year. Click below to read the full article written by Hitendra Sonny Soni, Kaloom's SVP of Marketing and Worldwide Sales.

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Delivering on the 5G Vision

The fast mode

February 12, 2021

In the new paradigm, intersystem interoperability is an absolute must and needs to be proven via rigorous testing for CSPs to have reliable, turn-key solutions that are ready for 5G rollouts. Utilizing different open-source solutions to build out a multi-vendor 5G infrastructure delivers lower costs and greater choice. Enabling profitable 5G rollouts will take a village and will require well-tested interoperable solutions. Click below to read the full article.

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Kaloom's Startup Journey (Part 1)


January 19, 2021

When we founded Kaloom, we embarked upon our journey with the vision of creating a truly P4-programmable, cloud- and open standards-based software defined networking fabric. Our name, Kaloom comes from the Latin word “caelum” which means “cloud.” Click the link below to read the full article.

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Kaloom 2021 Predictions: The Transitioning of Virtual Machine to Container Based Technologies


January 06, 2021

As we head into a new year, we at Kaloom see the implementation of cloud-native and open-source container orchestration to continue at an accelerating pace within the telecoms and specifically in Edge implementation. In fact, we believe that Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and enterprises will accelerate deploying 5G networking components as containers using advanced orchestration platforms such as OpenShift Container Platform (based on Kubernetes). Click below to read the full article.

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5G Needs to Grow Up: Five Trends to Look For

The fast mode

January 04, 2021

Edge computing and cloud-native containerization will be an absolute necessity in the era of 5G where service providers will need to shift computing and communications from the core network and centralized cloud; to distributed capability across the edge. From a networking perspective true 5G infrastructure will create dramatic user benefits in cloud, data centers, robotics, artificial intelligence, remote medicine, manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, smart cities and much more. But this comes at a cost. Click below to read the full article.

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