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Articles 2023

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GigaOm Radar for Network Operating Systems: Cloud and Managed Service Providers

An Evaluation Guide for Technology Decision-Makers

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100 Edge Computing Companies to Watch in 2023

An article, spotlighting 100 companies who are making waves in edge computing and have exciting developments coming in 2023.

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Making the Metaverse a Reality at the Edge

The metaverse is a true application of augmented reality where we are finally converging our digital and material worlds. But, for this technology to deliver on the hype, service providers will have to move computing power closer to the end user for optimal, zero to low-latency performance. Click below to read the complete article written by our SVP Business Development & Marketing, Hitendra Sonny Soni.

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Kaloom 2023 Predictions: The Edge is Here; Edge to Multi-Cloud is Next

The edge is definitely here, with edge computing expected to be a $700 billion industry by 2028. 5G will enable emerging applications at the edge such as AR/VR, IIoT, remote medicine and more, empowering service providers to think beyond a mobile consumer revenue model. Click below to read the complete article written by our CEO, Laurent Marchand.

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