Use Cases

Service Provider

5G as a Service

Hosting / Co-location Provider


Open, disaggregated, automated 5G enabled virtual fabric (“slicing”)

  • Multi-Tbps high-throughput fabric / ultra low latency (<5us) up to 85% cost reduction (~200Wh per RU)
  • 1.2 Tbps for UPF (DP redundant)
  • Slicing – Kaloom’s vFabric (vSwitch/vRouter/vUPF)
  • vRouter (QinQ*, BGP/MP-BGP, MPLS/MPLS VPN) for connectivity to CSPs (Azure, GCP, AWS)
  • Internal Service Function Chaining (SRv6) being expanded to support third party solutions
  • ENEA 5G SE as first candidate (DPI) to be followed by F5, PAN
  • Automation/orchestration provided by 3rd party


Kaloom Netconf/Yang model shared with 3rd party for integration into their end-to-end provisioning model.


Problem Statement

  • “Legacy” services grow, but at single digit rates



  • Hosting/colocation providers looking to create new sources of revenue with highly differentiated services / higher margins
  • Faster ROI – shared infrastructure (Telco/MNOs/Enterprise)


Kaloom Networks’ Solution

  • Enabled “multi-tenant” data centers for MSOs and Enterprise (Private 5G)
  • Slicing/multi-tenancy for complete separation/isolation of hosted customers (including MNOs – 4G/5G components) – increased security


Why Kaloom Networks?

  • Fully open/disaggregated solution – no proprietary technology including open source 5G Core (Free5GC, Magma, Open5G …)
  • Virtual Fabric (L2/L3/L4) with 4G/5G data plane (vUPF)
  • Can be automated/orchestrated by third party components (Ansible Playbook, ItentialDZSIArna Networks)

Delivering a fully programmable and automated cloud-native edge networking software solution that is disrupting how distributed cloud edge and data center networks are built, managed and operated.


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